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sneeze guard

When ordering at ADM Sneezeguards, you will get the Best Price Guarantee. If you can find a better price, not only we will match it, but we will even give you an additional 5% discount off of the matched price !


Common Questions

Where do you fabricate/get your parts from?

All our parts are fabricated here in Concord, California and we are proud to say "Made in USA" for all of our Sneezeguard lines.

Do you offer dealer discounts?

Yes, please call for information on our dealer discount program. (1-800-690-0002)


What are the available finishes?

sneeze guard

PDF Flange Layout: sneeze guard


Do I have to order over the internet?

No… Placing orders over the internet is only for your convenience.

If you prefer, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to assist you. (1-800-690-0002)


Is custom Glass Sizing offered?

Yes… we can custom order glass to any length, lead time on Custom Glass is 4-5 Business days. (1-800-690-0002)

See below for our sizing recommendations.


How do I determine Glass Length?

To detetmine glass length, take the center to center dimension of your posts and subtract 1 7/8" inches.

Additional Glass sizing information is located under the "Post Dimension" button in each product category.


How far can I span each sneezeguard post?

Using: 1/4'' glass, don’t exceed 42''

Using: 3/8'' glass, don’t exceed 54''

 Any length beyond the above noted sizes will exceed the physical glass limitations. To span further apart, may cause the glass panels to bow & even explode!

Caution: Companies that offer “Cross-supports to span long openings” are improperly exceeding the glass panel/s tensile-strength and posing a danger to you and your clients.


How can we offer such low prices?

 We have the ability to manufacture all of our own products in house through the use of :

..... CNC mandrel bending machines

..... CNC machining stations

..... CNC turning centers

..... CNC Swiss screw machines

..... Full Powder-Coating facility

..... Full finishing / polishing facility

..... Automated order processing and confirmation system

 All of these above capabilities under one roof; plus .....

..... Every part and process manufactured to its absolute highest quality

..... Large ready-to-ship inventories

We take pride in passing all savings that comes with being an industry leader. In-fact, we thank every order we receive by shipping it on time.                                                                                   


Can my Express Food-Guard be modified for my application?

Yes… We do limit our modifications to certain models, call for assistance.


Do you have any additional models or custom units available?

Our Express Food-Guard line of sneezeguards are designed to be fast-track,    in-stock & ready for immediate shipment program. In order to maintain this program, we must restrict the number of models and modifications to this line.

Custom sneezeguards: are available from our parent company at: Here you will find various shapes, styles and sizes; all with numerous options and made-to-order specific requirements.

Custom Dept. Telephone: 1-800-805-1114



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ADM Sneezeguards provides a huge variety of fully customizable sneeze guard portable. We are 100% American made and built, right here in California, United States. All of our in stock products can be customized and ordered online. Buy online products related to sneeze guard barrier Shield for Restaurants, sneeze barriers portable for offices, Hospitals, Grocery stores, Super markets, Desktop products on for reduce Germs and Virus. Our thousands of available sneeze guard Barriers products, is for your business needs to function at its best. We have elaborate our selection of supplies and commercial sneeze guard posts and parts equipment to include Restaurant, healthcare, educational, and hotel supplies. ADM Sneezeguards was founded in Antioch, California as a business-to-business (B2B) sales company. The company established the business in 1988 with amazing Glass Models and Designs.