Hurry Up For Online Portable Screen And Covid-19 screen Counter

Portable screen with Winged Panels are quick to set up and easily portable for use in multiple locations.

A must for self-service areas, sneeze guards help prevent food contamination without detracting from the aesthetics of any food display. Sneeze guard is like tempered glass so they prevent all people from germs and viruses. Preventive measures against COVID-19 could also prove useful in other health emergencies with similar characteristics.

Where to use portable screen:-

Portable screens with Winged Panels are quick to set up and easily portable for use in multiple locations. That provides additional protection against germs and harmful bacteria. The primary screen features a 6″x10″ opening to pass materials safely.

The portable screen with T-Legs provide a similar level of protection for customers and retailers against harmful germs and bacteria, but feature steel legs to allow the screen-guard to be free-standing and not require any additional mounting. This version also features a 12-inch opening at the bottom of the screen to pass items through safely. Portable screens are also like of barrier we are using in all public places and all types of industries where people are worked there.

Define the COVID-19 Barrier:-

Covid-19 barrier pandemic is having enormous economic and social impacts on workers in all sectors of the economy and all types of business, especially in SMEs and the informal economy, with an unprecedented reduction in economic activity and working time. The ILO estimates show that working hour losses have worsened during the first half of 2020, especially in developing countries. If your enterprise is not currently ready, you need to get ready NOW. Even if your country has reported few cases of the disease, immediate verification and/or action is strongly recommended to limit the pandemic.

Importance of portable screen:-

This COVID-19 pandemic is effective to every business and person in the world so that, and everyone wants to safety, and all peoples need to be protected your life in this pandemic situation. They having in the about from covid-19 barrier is the extending of the benefits of regular sneeze guards portable screen used in school and university campuses in restaurants and cafes workplaces or practically anywhere provide a highly mobile barrier from the respiratory droplets for which in sneeze guard. The Sneeze guard requirements a good features files a PPE gap further protecting children and adults from airborne infectious disease spread from sneezing coughing talking laughing or eating.

The covid-19 barrier is the best part of the covid-19 situation. This is the best protective barrier for food. Because it is the best barrier for is always fixed over the food guard. These types of sneeze guards are made up of transparent plastic or tempered glass panel with a suitable designed to stand it up. This is the use of an endless sneeze guard. Others are designed to partition space forms like separating tables at restaurants. 

A portable sneeze guard is part of a sneeze guard which is very protective and like a safety kit for all human beings, and also we have to use all restaurants and public places this most popular in this pandemic situation. Our sneeze guard bracket with a flat base, sleek and stable than others, most of the sneeze guards, the brackets are only flat panels, no bent base, hard to fix on the table.


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ADM in ADM Sneezeguards stands for Advanced Design Manufacturing L.L.C. and is considered the leading Sneeze-Guard manufacture in U.S.A , ADM Sneezeguards was founded in Concord, California in 1988. The company was formed by David Murry and Andy McGrath, both partners worked for another manufacturer for 4 years making sneezeguards, before deciding to join forces and start their own company. Our factory is now located in Antioch California.


ADM Sneezeguards was one of the first in our industry to standardize the designs of our models. In doing so many others incorporated them into their designs and installations around the country. We added a full machining capability in 1998 which was an industry first.


ADM Sneezeguards was the first in our industry to design a convertible sneezeguard, model A-475 which could move from passover to self service.


ADM Sneezeguards is fully dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing and business processes that reduce any ill effect on the surroundings. The Company makes every successful attempt to build sustainable, long-lasting and quality products. Our state of the art glass production facility has many industry firsts, we are especially proud of our closed loop water processing plant, this allows us to always have clean water for our complete glass production line and leave no environmental foot print.


Made in the USA means something to us at ADM Sneezeguards. Our products are proudly made here in California, machined, designed and finished here at our Antioch California location, including glass. Every single bracket and hardware, to every piece of glass is manufactured here is this location, not overseas.


You are only as strong as your weakest link, for our industry that is glass. Glass has always caused our industry grief, with production lead-times to breakage and replacement, this is why we are the only sneezeguard manufacturer to produce our own glass under one roof. With robotic systems and CNC machining we are able to produce very complex pieces while maintaining the shortest lead-time in the industry.


Our mission is to offer an excellent product at a low price, it is our feeling if you cannot compete on the low end against all manufacturers then you really don't have a sustainable business model. Yes we have higher end models too , but lets face it sometimes its the low end models that keep the doors open during these hard times.